About Me

Happy Passive IncomeHi there! Welcome to my page. My idea of having this page simply is to share with my friends and family, what else we can do to make money other than getting “the monthly thing”, which is working for other people and getting the monthly salary. I know right? We deserve to do the things we love to do, with our loved ones in this limited lifetime. Agree?

Who am I?

I work for people and night time I work for myself. Never stop looking for ways to create a passive income, invest money safely, attended courses that work and not working. Learn lessons from bad investments, learn from mistakes on some good investments, I improve myself from time to time.

Some investments and business just don’t suit us. There is no other way but to try out as many as possible to understand our interest, our emotions threshold, patience, for us to know what suits us best.

Along the way, we will accumulate multiple streams of income, so that we don’t have to worry if one investment is down, we still have other sources of income. I will keep looking for it and share it as we go along!

Sincerely yours,

The owner of The Monthly Thing – Yongli


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